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Vision; A Chairman’s Message

Having been involved in many sporting organisations over the years it was an honour to become Chairman of Lincolnshire County Cricket Ltd.

There have been great strides made over the years with our support to the cricket community having grown and grown. Lincolnshire compares very favourably in terms of other counties all over England and Wales in the number of staff we employ, the services we provide, and the new ways we promote the sport.

Even more changes are being introduced to improve the staff structure and bring in new officers so that we can increase still more the ways we promote cricket to boys, girls, and adults, help clubs large and small, widen our coach education programme, and much more.

We have a passion for our sport and a passion for our county. I think everyone here at Lincolnshire County Cricket Ltd shares that passion and has the dynamism and energy to make this one of the best areas to watch, play, and support cricket and, most of all, have fun doing so!

Rob Bradley – Chair, Lincolnshire Cricket