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Lincolnshire Cricket act as the delivery arm for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for cricket all over the county. We work within all areas of cricket from grass roots to club, county and youth cricket.

Over the past few years we have seen cricket grow in terms of participation and sporting excellence and we have witnessed wonderful examples of teamwork and determination.

We run cricket courses in Primary and Secondary schools across Lincolnshire, this year aiming to engage upwards of 8000 children in school activity up and down the county.

In addition, we have developed and support a number of activities and programmes that aim to develop cricketing skills from a young age and enable people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to access the multitude of benefits an association with sport and a healthy lifestyle can deliver. For more information on all of our programmes please contact us here: admin@lincscricket.co.uk 

We are a registered company limited by guarantee and a non-profit organisation that relies on the generosity of the ECB and local companies in order for us to continue offering and expanding the services we offer.

In November 2017 we launched our new strategy in the shape of the Lincolnshire Cricket VMOST. This strategic document highlights our vision, mission and objectives that we have developed in partnership with our key stakeholders.  The strategy also highlights how we will go about delivering on our stated ambitions to ensure that we are influencing the next generation to say that cricket is a game for them.

We aspire to become a leading cricket board in the country and our VMOST creates a framework that will shape our work and priorities moving forwards.

The next 18 months is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in cricket.  The 2019 world cup, a home ashes series and a new national strategy, due to launch in January 2020 combine to create a unique opportunity for cricket to engage and inspire a new generation to develop an association with the sport.

Legal Information

Lincolnshire County Cricket Ltd is a non-profit company registered in England and Wales and limited by guarantee.

Registered Number: 6946171

Registered Office: Northgate House, Northgate, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 7BZ

The Operational Team & Contact Details


Chief Executive Officer – Martyn Dobson

  • Martyn.Dobson@lincscricket.co.uk
  • 07543 221292

Senior Officer (Performance) – Pete Morgan

  • 07543 221 294
  • pete.morgan@lincscricket.co.uk

ECB Level 4 Coach

  • – EPP
  • – County Cricket
  • – Regional Cricket
  • – Women’s/girls Cricket
  • – Youth Development Courses Indoor Cricket

Senior Officer (Development) – Niall Young

  • 07785 722280
  • niall.young@lincscricket.co.uk

ECB Level 3 Coach & ECB Tutor

  • – Club Support – Clubmark, Grants
  • – Facilities
  • – Workforce
  • – Chance to Shine
  • – Coach Education
  • – H/E – F/E
  • – Disability

Office Manager (Finance & HR) – Emma Clark

  • 01522 528838
  • admin@lincscricket.co.uk


  • – Finance
  • – HR

Cricket Administrator – Gail Clark

  • 01522 528838
  • gail.clark@lincscricket.co.uk


  • ECB Level 1 Coach

Regional Development Officer (Central) – Martin Shillito

ECB Level 2 Coach

  • – Regional Coach (Central)
  • – County Coach
  • – Chance to Shine
  • – Club Support

Regional Development Officer (North) – Matt Fowler

  • 07800 632 297
  • Matt.Fowler@lincscricket.co.uk

ECB Level 2 Coach

  • – Regional Coach (North)
  • – County Coach
  • – Chance to Shine
  • – Club Support
  • – Business and Sponsorship coordinator

Regional Development Officer, South – Emily Hill

  • emily.hill@lincscricket.co.uk

UKCC ECB Level 2 Coach

Cricket Development Officer, Young People – Justin Owen

  • justin.owen@lincscricket.co.uk

UKCC ECB Level 2 Coach

Community Coach – Steven Crossley (North)

  • – Chance to Shine
  • – County Coach
  • – Regional Coach

Community Coach, South – Dan Freeman

  • dan.freeman@lincscricket.co.uk

UKCC ECB Level 2 Coach

Women’s & Girls Cluster Manager – Rebecca Hales

  • rebecca.hales@lincscricket.co.uk
  • 07793 894581.

Lincolnshire Youth Regional Coaches


Regional Coach, South U13’s – Vince Markham

Regional Coach, Central U10 – Paul Cook

Regional Coach, Central U12’s – Michael Hale

Regional Coach, South U12’s – Geoffrey Ellis

  • ECB Level 3 Coach

Regional Coach, Central U10 – Paul Cook

Regional Coach, Central U13 – Sam Cardell


  • ECB Level 3 Coach

Regional Coach, South U10’s – Jayne Cornwell

Regional Coach, North U11 – Caitlin Phillips

Lincolnshire Youth County Coaches


County Coach – Alan Ward


  • ECB Level 2 Coach

County Coach – Russ Binnington


  • ECB Level 2 Coach

County Coach – Colin Holman


  • ECB Level 3 Coach & ECB Tutor

County Coach  U12 Boy’s & Regional Coach South U11’s- Giles Goddard


  • ECB Level 2 Coach

County Coach, U13 Girls and Regional Coach North U10’s – Neil Wheeler