All Stars Cricket – Activators

Are you fun, enthusiastic, and great at engaging kids? Then your local Cricket Club wants YOU!

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What is All Stars Cricket?

All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls aged 5-8 years old with the opportunity to become a star. The programme will introduce kids to the game and create a lifelong passion for cricket. We want to connect children to the England cricket heroes in a fun, inclusive and safe environment. The ECB are providing clubs with everything they need to deliver All Stars Cricket but we need you to bring the programme to life. We are looking for outstanding volunteers to oversee All Stars Cricket centres, creating a top class, safe environment for kids and their parents.

If you are enthusiastic, vibrant and motivated to inspire young children we will support you in guiding the first steps of the next generation of cricket lovers.

Although some of the All Stars Cricket Activators will have a knowledge of the game, it is far from essential. We are looking for people with fantastic personal skills with the ability to inspire young people rather than an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything cricket related.

What is an Activator?

The All Stars Cricket activator is the key volunteer who will oversee All Stars Cricket at your club, creating a top-class environment for kids and parents alike. Start your search today for those enthusiastic, vibrant and motivated people who will inspire young children and create a fantastic all-round experience. Although many All Stars Cricket activators will have excellent experience of cricket it is by no means essential – first and foremost, we are looking for people with fantastic personal skills.

Your club network is the best starting point to help you find the perfect activator. The ECB will then provide comprehensive face-to-face and online training and support to equip your All Stars Cricket activator with all of the tools needed to successfully implement the programme. 

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