Celebrating our volunteers month – Part 2

In today’s OSCAs segment, we are going to look to our first nominee in the Proactive Leadership Category, Mick Barton.
At the start of the season, many midweek leagues understandably decided not to go ahead due to coronavirus, which left clubs and players without a midweek fixture calendar.
However, the clubs in Grimsby and the surrounding areas were lucky they had Mick. His hard work and dedication to the sport, checking availability of grounds and teams, meant that a midweek cup competition was held. Spanning over a number of weeks, each side got to play a minimum of three games and the winners were decided on Bank Holiday Monday final’s day.
Add to this, that he was also instrumental in the delivery of the only All Stars Centre in that area of the county this summer, a joint effort between Clee Town Laportes CC and Grimsby Town CC
Mick’s love of the game and determination to get cricket played is the reason for his nomination. We would like to congratulate Mick on his nomination and also commend him on the brilliant and hard work he has put in over the summer.