Real X Gear

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RealXGear is 21st-Century Cooling technology made for the extreme performance needs of athletes, sports fans, workers – in short, anyone who needs to stay cool, particularly in the hot summer sun!

In addition to the passive evaporative cooling benefits of a wet towel on hot skin, RealXGear cooling technology also involves active cooling through a chemical reaction. Inside RealXGear towels and caps are chemical beads that drop in temperature rapidly when wet, and stay cool for hours. These chemicals are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

The best and fastest results come from using cold water. Our cooling gear has proven to keep a person’s outside skin up to 20 degrees cooler when using cold water to wet a RealXGear cooling towel. If you’re using water that’s about the same temperature as the air, your outer skin will be at least 12 degrees cooler in just a matter of minutes.

Visit their website the view the wide range of products that RealxGear have to offer including high performance cooling towels and hats for athletes and fans alike.