Lincolnshire County Kwik Cricket Results

In between the weather, we have managed to play all 3 of our County Kwik Cricket Finals in the past 2/3 weeks and below are a summary of the results.

I would like to thank Hartsholme CC and Nettleham CC for hosting these finals days as well as staff and parents who got all the children to the events.

My final thankyou goes to the officials on finals day and the School Games Organisers from across the county who work so tirelessly to get their partnership schools to the finals by running the local events so well!

Year 6 Mixed:

ScoreTEAM 1VSTEAM 2Score
244BirchwoodLost toSignhills Academy279
207Leasingham St AndrewsLost toLong Bennington257
279Horncastle PrimaryBeatSt Thomas’ Boston273
251Long BenningtonBeatHorncastle Primary226
236Leasingham St AndrewsBeatBirchwood232
301Signhills AcademyBeatSt Thomas’ Boston216
207St Thomas’ BostonLost toLeasingham St Andrews247
253Signhills AcademyBeatHorncastle Primary236
248BirchwoodLost toLong Bennington277
Lunch BreakFinal Placings:
230BirchwoodLost toHorncastle Primary2631st = Signhills Academy
263Long BenningtonBeatSt Thomas’ Boston2242nd = Long Bennington
232Leasingham St AndrewsLost toSignhills Academy2713rd = Horncastle
236Long BenningtonBeatSignhills Academy2324th = Leasingham St Andrews
253Leasingham St AndrewsLost toHorncastle Primary2655th = St Thomas’
St Thomas’ BostonBeatBirchwood6th = Birchwood
232Signhills AcademyBeatLong Bennington229Final
282Horncastle PrimaryBeatLeasingham St Andrews2433rd/4th Place Game
261St Thomas’ BostonBeatBirchwood2465th / 6th Place Game

Year 5 Mixed:

240BBH St JohnsBeatLouth St Michaels236
239Market RasenLost toUffington243
227Burgh Le MarshLost toKirton Primary238
224Louth St MichaelsBeatMarket Rasen201
274Welholme AcademyBeatBBH St Johns204
256UffingtonBeatBurgh Le Marsh226
232Kirton PrimaryLost toWelholme Academy235
218BBH St JohnsLost toMarket Rasen260
239Louth St MichaelsLost toUffington240
Lunch Break
220BBH St JohnsLost toBurgh Le Marsh246Final Placings:
249Louth St MichaelsBeatKirton Primary2281st = Welholme Academy
226Market RasenLost toWelholme Academy2392nd = Uffington
221UffingtonLost toWelholme Academy2613rd = Kirton Primary
248Louth St MichaelsLost toBurgh Le Marsh2654th = Louth St Michaels
238Kirton PrimaryBeatBBH St Johns2374th = Market Rasen
210Louth St MichaelsLost toWelholme Academy2534th = Burgh le Marsh
235Market RasenBeatBurgh Le Marsh2277th = BBH St Johns
240UffingtonBeatKirton Primary236
265BBH St JohnsLost toUffington266
238Market RasenLost toKirton Primary253
215Burgh Le MarshLost toWelholme Academy258


Girls Kwik Cricket Final:

220Priory Witham AcademyLost toOsgodby Primary254
272Navenby PrimaryBeatBarkston & Syston Primary256
213Richmond SchoolLost toKirton Primary250
254Osgodby PrimaryLost toNavenby Primary256
271Scartho JuniorBeatPriory Witham Academy191
236Barkston & Syston PrimaryBeatRichmond School210
243Kirton PrimaryLost toScartho Junior267
223Priory Witham AcademyLost toNavenby Primary267
225Osgodby PrimaryLost toBarkston & Syston Primary265
Lunch Break
241Priory Witham AcademyLost toRichmond School251Final Placings:
244Osgodby PrimaryLost toKirton Primary2471st = Scartho Junior
232Navenby PrimaryLost toScartho Junior2452nd = Navenby Primary
236Barkston & Syston PrimaryLost toScartho Junior2413rd = Kirton Primary
280Osgodby PrimaryBeatRichmond School2384th = Barkston & Syston
242Kirton PrimaryBeatPriory Witham Academy2215th = Osgodby Primary
233Osgodby PrimaryLost toScartho Junior2626th = Richmond School
264Navenby PrimaryBeatRichmond School2367th = Priory Witham Academy
224Barkston & Syston PrimaryLost toKirton Primary246
233Priory Witham AcademyLost toBarkston & Syston Primary303
247Navenby PrimaryBeatKirton Primary231
212Richmond SchoolLost toScartho Junior246