Lincolnshire Cricket Player Pathway update

Lincolnshire County Cricket Ltd will be making a number of changes to the structure of the boys player pathway programme from winter 2019 onwards.  These changes reflect the national direction of travel with regards to ‘performance’ and we are confident that the new look structure will provide gifted and talented cricketers in Lincolnshire with a high quality development programme that will allow those within it to reach their full potential.

The changes to the pathway are the result of a thorough consultation process that has featured the creation of a dedicated performance cricket sub group to analyse this area of the game.  This steering group is comprised of a number of individuals and stakeholders who are independent to Lincolnshire County Cricket Ltd who are well placed to advise and help shape the future of performance cricket in the county.

The terms of reference for the performance sub group are based around:

  • Ensuring a through put of local talent into the professional game and Lincolnshire County Cricket Club
  • A clear focus on workforce development/coach enrichment across the county
  • Developing relationships with neighbouring 1st class counties
  • Connection to the recreational game, clubs and leagues
  • Focus on content, ensuring that what we deliver is age and stage appropriate

The changes to the pathway are based on the recommendations put forward by this steering group and the national direction of travel around the area of performance.

Information around the player pathway will be distributed to all affiliated clubs along with information around the nomination process shortly.

Please click on the video below to see Martyn Dobson, CEO for Lincolnshire Cricket talk more about the changes to the pathway.

pathway video