Lincolnshire Cricket Player Survey

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Player Survey over the last couple of weeks and encouraged teammates to complete it too.
We received a highly impressive 572 responses, with 57 of our 75 affiliated clubs registering at least one response.
Below is an overview of the data collected which covers the whole county.
We will be aiming to share more detailed & bespoke data relevant to individual leagues in the coming days & weeks at AGMs where permitted.
The top three clubs with the most responses are as follows:
Nettleham – 23
Bourne – 22
Normanby Park – 21
A big thank you to those clubs for engaging your players so well on this – Congratulations to Nettleham CC who have won an afternoon’s coaching with Notts spinner Matt Carter & a fellow Nottinghamshire Outlaws teammate at some point in 2021.