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Volunteering: our everyday heroes

Lincolnshire Cricket has a role for everybody within the sport regardless of their skills or experience. Without the wonderful support of our countless volunteers cricket across the county would be the poorer. We recognise that finding, retaining and rewarding the individuals that make up this power-house of cricket can be challenging but help is at hand. There are many local and national initiatives available to help clubs involve and reward their volunteers.

Recognising those who volunteer: In Lincolnshire we feel it’s important to recognise those who give their valuable time to volunteer from the traditional cricketing environments (clubs and leagues) as well as volunteers from emerging environments such as Higher and Further Education, Community Programmes, Workplaces and Recreational Park Leagues. Each year we hold the annual OSCA’s where we honour those who make up our everyday heroes and make cricket possible.

Be Involved: is specifically designed to target current members from your club who may not currently be volunteers. This is because these club members are often the easiest people to persuade to take on volunteer roles as they have a vested interest in seeing the club grow and develop and are often just waiting to be asked.

Helpful organisations: There are many organisations dedicated to supporting the voluntary community, which means that cricket clubs can get lots of additional help aside from Lincolnshire Cricket at ECB. These organisations specialise in the recruitment of volunteers for others so as a club you could register your vacant roles with them so they can signpost interested people.

A full list of volunteer dedicated resources is available through the ECB website If you would like to volunteer with a club or find out about any other ways to contribute we would love to hear from you at Lincolnshire Cricket.

ECB video, Michael Vaughan praises cricket’s volunteers…