Lincolnshire Recreational Cricket Group – Guidance for Season 2021 – Disciplinary process

The Lincolnshire Recreational Cricket Group is made up of the 8 senior cricket leagues in the county, Grounds Management Association, Association of Cricket Officials and Lincolnshire Cricket professional staff – it is the role of this group to shape and carry out the recreational aspects of the game in Lincolnshire & that part of the countywide plan.

The group has been working hard to ensure that all senior cricket in the county is joined up and are trying to provide a cohesive approach to many facets of the game. The following announcements are 3 such examples of collaboration that have happened in the past few months:

  1. Lincolnshire Disciplinary Process

Lincolnshire Cricket Centralised Disciplinary Process 2021.


The aim of this proposal is to try and standardise the disciplinary process across all senior leagues within the county. This should enable players and officials to clearly understand there is uniformity of process and transparency of decision making. It will also ease the burden on individual league committee members time and allow independent decision making. We’ve seen too many cases across the Midlands where administrators have been placed in awkward situations.



Alleged incident / offence occurs

Umpire / Club reports incident to the League

League Committee resolves internally or pass case on to Lincs Cricket

Lincs Cricket select & convene County Disciplinary Panel

Panel hearing takes place

Panel make decision

Panel deliver decision to League, Clubs, Players & Officials involved

Right to Appeal / Appeals process initiated if necessary


The County disciplinary panel will be made up of 14 representatives in total. The suggested breakdown of this panel is suggested in the table below.

League Disciplinary RepresentativesAssociation of Cricket Officials RepresentativesLincolnshire Cricket Representatives
LCB Premier League x1Grimsby Area x1Martyn Dobson
South Lincs & Border League x1Lincoln Area x1Martin Shillito
Lincs County Cricket League x1Scunthorpe Area x1Niall Young
Lincoln & District Sunday League x1Stamford Area x1 
North Lindsey Cricket league x1  
Lincoln Midweek League x1  
Grimsby Midweek League x1  

We would like each of the organisations in Red and Green to nominate (with the individual’s consent) a representative of their body to become a representative on the county disciplinary panel.

At all disciplinary cases, a panel of 3 will be selected to sit. This will be made up of 1 League Disciplinary Rep, 1 ACO Rep & 1 Lincs Cricket Rep. These 3 reps will be totally independent, and they will make the decision based on evidence provided. There will be a totally independent note taker, whose sole responsibility will be to minute accurately the proceedings and the zoom calls will be recorded to support this too. Finally, the chairman from the league where the incident has taken place will also be permitted to attend the hearing and observe / make notes. These latter two people will not be part of the decision-making process.

All members of the panel will be invited to a pre-season Zoom call to discuss and ensure they are familiar with the different levels of ECB Disciplinary Regulations (What offence = which level) to ensure that there is a consistency of decision making.


Hearings will be conducted online via Zoom / Teams and will consist of the 5 people identified above, and the people involved in the incident. (Player, Official, Club Representative) At these hearings all relevant evidence should be submitted and disseminated to the panel prior to the start of the hearing. This will include a single standard reporting form for the whole of the county. Once all evidence has been heard, all with exception of the 3 on panel will leave the call. A decision should be made where possible before ending the call.

Decisions will be notified by the panel to all parties concerned including the league where the incident occurred as soon as is reasonably possible.


We propose that all leagues across the county will deal internally with the more minor infringements at Level 1 and Level 2, but anything above that will be deferred to this process immediately. If an appeals process / arbitration is required for a Level 1 / 2 case this can also be forwarded on too.

There should be a refundable deposit paid in advance of such an appeal. This cost would be agreed by the individual league and for (Insert League name here*) will be (insert amount here*) This will be reviewed by the group and individual leagues on an annual basis, and the cost of appeal should not exceed any ECB recommendations.

If the original decision is upheld this will go into a centralised pot for costs of running and administering disciplinary processes.

If a Level 3 or above case is heard, and the ‘defendant’ wishes to appeal that decision, a new disciplinary panel will be convened (made up of 3 different & neutral people from the above list) Costs as outlined in the previous paragraph.