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Lincolnshire offers young players the chance to experience cricket outside the UK. Overseas cricket tours provide the opportunity to learn the game from a different perspective. Observe how your host destination approaches training and matches and have fun off the pitch whilst absorbing the delights of a different culture.

We arrange tours for our young players to meet and play against local youth teams in remarkable locations and to experience playing the game against different sides outside the usual environment. The tours are not all about cricket though, we ensure that all those taking part whether players, mums and dads or coaches all have the chance to experience beautiful hotels, local dining, cultural exchanges, wildlife and scenery. At the end of these exciting trips we head home with memories of playing cricket on the beach or on a hilltop surrounded by palms and of playing on world class pitches and possibly with some of the world’s greatest cricketers joining us for personalised training sessions.

Lincolnshire Cricket also takes part in UK inter-county competitions and festivals including Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Malvern where both boy’s and girl’s youth teams of all ages compete. We believe that the experience of playing cricket in different environments and as part of a tour squad helps develop our young players both on and off the field of play.

At Lincolnshire Cricket we will continue to expand our touring opportunities for everyone and we hope you will join us.